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Studio Canal Back Keith Thompson and Katherine Thomson

Studiocanal Australia and Goalpost Pictures are developing a feature based on the true story of members of the Vienna Mozart Boys’ Choir and their choirmaster who were trapped in Australia during World War II.

Keith Thompson (The Sapphires, Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You, Hoges) is writing the first draft and Goalpost’s Rosemary Bright will produce.

The  second project backed by the fund is Helenaa biopic about the Polish-Australian-American cosmetics businesswoman, art collector and philanthropist Helena Rubinstein. Set in 1928, the film follows Rubinstein as she faces a dilemma: Give up control of her empire or lose her marriage with Edward Titus and her children.

Katherine Thomson (A Place to Call Home, Women He’s Undressed, House of Hancock) is writing the first draft for producers Antony Waddington (The Eye of the Storm) and Marcus Gillezeau (Living Universe, Storm Surfers 3D).


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