Studio Canal Back Keith Thompson and Katherine Thomson

Studiocanal Australia and Goalpost Pictures are developing a feature based on the true story of members of the Vienna Mozart Boys’ Choir and their choirmaster who were trapped in Australia during World War II.

Keith Thompson (The Sapphires, Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You, Hoges) is writing the first draft and Goalpost’s Rosemary Bright will produce.

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Louis Nowra: The Playwright Born To Shock

“Every day, I think how did I get here?” he says. “How did I get to be writing books and plays and going to Hollywood, how? I am lazy but I have this other persona that does all the work. And I’ve never reconciled my upbringing with this persona who has done so much.”

MARTIN PORTUS profiles LOUIS NOWRA,  the remarkable talent behind the Australian classic Cosi and much more. Read it here.

Fighting Season Premiere

Lead director Kate Woods points out: “we send these young men to war and teach them to kill and when they do, and it becomes part of their life, how do they assimilate that into themselves as human beings when they come back home? And what responsibility does the Armed Forces have for that?” Read more here.

Fighting Season will premiere 8.30pm, October 28 on Foxtel’s showcase.

TAP DOGS’ South African Tour starts this week!

Dein Perry’s award winning TAP DOGS continue to take the world by storm and are only days away from kick starting their 2018/2019 world tour.

Celebrating their 23rd year of international touring, Dein Perry’s TAP DOGS will commence their global tour in South Africa this week opening in Cape Town on August 22 and transferring to Johannesburg August 29.     

Darlene Johnson to direct THE HEIGHTS

“It’s a diverse community, but this series doesn’t seek to exploit the things that make us different but rather explore and celebrate the things that ultimately make us all the same. This isn’t story about good versus evil or rich versus poor; it’s about the very unifying experience of trying to make one’s way in the world, and the family you surround yourself with, whether by bloodline or by circumstance.”

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