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CAMP: Directed by Kate Gaul

CAMP, directed by Kate Gaul opens tonight at the Seymour Centre Sydney.

A backdrop of violence and uncertainty frames the first part of the play which taps into this energy and imagination: the birth of the Campaign Against Moral Persecution (CAMP). Four fictional activists Krissy, Jo, Tracy, and Dave fall in love, fall out of love, find their individual voices, and forge paths spanning 5 decades. In 2022, Krissy, Jo and Tracy reconnect. Through personal and political challenges – which tinge the second movement of the play – these characters acknowledge their differences as they interrogate a world that is, frighteningly, not too far removed from the decade of their youth.

Presented by Siren Theatre Co and The Seymour Centre, in association with Sydney World Pride, this brand new play runs until March 4th.

Read more and grab tickets here.