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Muriel’s Wedding the Musical: A resounding hit

Congratulations to the Muriel’s Wedding: the Musical team. After opening night this Saturday the reviews are flooding in. Here are just some of the terrific responses:

Muriel’s Wedding feels like the complete package: a beloved film seamlessly updated; a central character who retains all the ambiguities that made you root for her in the first place; a conspicuously inventive score peppered with classic pop hits, and a mainstage debut that will be talked about for years.” SMH

“Director Simon Phillips has the show running on a smooth rail and has cast the show impeccably.” – SMH

“Hogan and director Simon Phillips have made this story work superbly on stage, from their thoughtful inclusion of ABBA as Muriel’s unlikely guardians, to the several tragedies of the second act, to their handling of all the iconic lines” Daily Review

“Under the ebullient guidance of director Simon Phillips, Muriel’s Wedding arrives on the musical stage with raucous, ribald, uninhibited ­energy and an unshakeable belief in the concept that more is more, particularly in the show’s manic first half.”  – The Australian

“The sets and costumes by Tylesova are so good they are almost another character in themselves. The audience actually gasped at the first sight of Sydney on the stage, and Bill Heslop’s architectural model for coastal overdevelopment was hilarious, featuring a skyscraper in the shape of a half-peeled banana.” – News.com.au

“Pushing the action along is a clever set design by Gabriela Tylesova that mixes the prosaic with the poetic.” – The Guardian