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Kate Gaul at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Congratulations to director Kate Gaul whose two shows in this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, MISTERMAN and GOOD WITH MAPS, have both played to rave reviews!


“Walsh, Campbell, and director Kate Gaul, form a team that is able to simultaneously shatter tensions and prolong them, like a perpetrator sitting down to eat a sandwich in the middle of a bank robbery. In short, utterly captivating.” – The Reviews Hub


“Director Kate Gaul keeps the pace flowing nimbly … this is a complex, deeply rewarding piece of theatre, one that balances cerebral exuberance with shattering emotional power.” – The List

“A fine performance, delivered from the heart in a way that seems authentically autobiographical. The languid meandering of the often lyrical script flows with the soundscape and music.” – Edinburgh Guide