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Directed by Simon Phillips and designed by Gabriela Tylesova, Andrew Upton’s adaptation of French farce A FLEA IN HER EAR at Sydney Theatre Company has reviewers in stitches!

“Gabriela Tylesova’s set is spectacular, on three concentric revolves, but as it magically transforms for the changes, it is revealed to be all flats and fretwork, the pieces of which fall back into place beautifully. Her costumes are outlandish, just that little bit more than even these ridiculous people might want to wear…Simon Phillips directs it with a feeling for the inexorable logic that underlies the absurdity of it all, and a splendidly choreographed cascade of stage business — full of doors, staircases, secret cupboards and pratfalls. We watch the characters’ wily plans, secret desires and outraged reactions all lead to chaos. It is very funny.” – The Australian

“This is production looks gorgeous — Gabriella Tylesova’s rotating set is a jewel box of colour and beauty (there’s even a rotating bed), and her costumes are every bit as intricate and thoughtful as the plotting.” – The Daily Review

“A Flea In Her Ear is an absolute masterpiece of comedic wonderment. It is an absolute delight to watch the chaos happen on stage (the complete and utter chaos) and spend the 2 hours in the theatre raucously laughing to the point of tears- and boy did that happen.” – The AU Review