Elephant Man review: A poetic and accomplished.

The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man, a new Australian adaptation the story of Joseph Merrick’s life opened last night at the Malthouse in Melbourne.

Today the first of many spellbound reviewers have summarised their night in the theatre:

“Merrick’s life can often seem more about us than him, and Tom Wright’s brilliant, lyrical reimagining, breathtakingly directed by Matt Lutton, finds a fresh centre of balance…Marg Horwell’s design and costume and Paul Jackson’s painterly lighting, together create an alternate Victorian London – thick with pea-soupers but constrained by stricture and fashion.

Casting Monks, himself an actor with disability, is a masterstroke, combining reality and simulation. But the sheer histrionic ability – childlike and innocent, desperate, wounded; and then swelling into a luminous magnanimity that turns the tables on everyone – is staggering.”


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Assassins Announced

Designer Alicia Clements as been working away at the Hayes Theatre (Sydney) to realise the set and costumes for Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins. 

Directed by Melbourne Theatre Company associate director Dean Bryant, the full cast has now been announced.

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VELVET is lots of funky fun

Following it’s homecoming last week, VELVET has been the talk of the town. Directed by Craig Ilott, design by James Browne and lighting design by Matt Marshall VELVET is “lot’s of funky fun”.

Starring Marcia Hines, a straight-laced, wide-eyed young man (Tom Oliver) arrives at a hedonistic nightclub where he is able to cut loose and discover himself.

Read more about the raunchy fun here.

Wake In Fright: Teaser Released

Revealed last night was first teaser for Wake In Fright, the new interpretation of the classic 1961 psychological thriller. Directed By Kriv Stenders and production design by Mariot Kerr the two-part miniseries follows a young school teacher who finds himself marooned in a small mining town in Australia’s outback. Watch the teaser below:

MIFF Program Announced

The Melbourne International Film Festival has announced its 2017 season. Featuring 357 films over 18 days this year’s festival brings over the hottest releases from Cannes, Sundance and Berlin as well as all the local big names. Take a look at the full guide here which features many of HLA’s own.


Catch Jada Alberts and Jake Nash at Carriageworks next month to de-brief on everything CLEVERMAN Season 2.

The Video Junkee panel will be held on the 29th of July following the release of CLEVERMAN’s hotly anticipated second season.

Click here to book your tickets.

HLA clients in this year’s Sydney Film Festival program!

Look out for all of the talented HLA clients in this year’s Sydney Film Festival program!

Directed by Kriv Stenders

Directed by Kriv Stenders

Written & Directed by Scott Pickett

Written & Directed by Alice Englert

Production Design by Paul Heath

CLEVERMAN SEASON 2: Episodes 1 & 2
Directed by Wayne Blair
Written by Jada Alberts
Production Design by Jake Nash

Written & Directed by Anya Beyesdorf

See the full program here


Directed by John Sheedy, with Production Design by Alicia Clements and Lighting by Matthew Marshall, THE RASPUTIN AFFAIR, is playing at the Ensemble Theatre until April 30.

“John Sheedy the director, with a sure touch establishes and maintains the play’s fast pace.” – ArtsHub

“Director John Sheedy keeps the action rolling forward at a satisfying and fast pace, and works particularly well with the more physical elements of the comedy.” – Daily Review

“Costumes by Alicia Clements are extravagant and slickly appropriate. The opulent set design (like a room at the Hermitage) is a terrific invocation of late Tsarist Russia” – ArtsHub

“Alicia Clements’ extravagant, purple set is a wonderfully whimsical takes on late Tsarist Russia, allowing for plenty of quick entrances and exits, while her costumes are appropriately sleek.” Daily Review

“An ingenious, effective set by Alicia Clements with essential collaborative lighting by Matthew Marshall.” – Stage Noise

“Sheedy brings his much-awarded skill and vision to the production. Moments of fast pace and tempo are juxtaposed with concentration centred on the gradually changing contortions of a character’s face. Every action and interaction is precisely choreographed; every aspect of each character’s eccentricity is meticulously exploited.” – Stage Whispers

“Full of false walls and hidden doors, Alicia Clements’ sumptuous set bursts with possibilities – surprise entries and exits abound and the portraits that line the wall open to create upper rooms for plots and trysts, not to mention plenty of opportunities for physical comedy” – Limelight Magazine

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