Tommy Lee Jones Joins STONER

Andrew Bovell’s adaption of John William’s book STONER adds another star to the list as Tommy Lee Jones joins the cast. To be directed by ATONEMENT’s Joe Wright STONER follows a dirt-poor farmer (Casey Affleck) turned academic who emerges as an unlikely existential hero while making his way through the first half of the 20th century.

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Adam Spencer launches “The Big Questions””

How often have you used Google to help you answer a random question that pops into your head? Or sat around with friends to discuss a topic at length?

Adam Spencer’s new podcast is here to help.

“Big Questions HQ is a place to talk to smart interesting people about smart interesting stuff. Adam speaks to a range of experts across a mix of different topics,
with a strong tilt in the direction of Science & Technology. The idea is pretty simple – we’ll ask some Big Questions and we’ll find some big experts to help answer them.”

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Thing I Know To Be True – UK tour success

Andrew Bovell’s THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE continues its tour of the UK, charming audiences as it goes.

“Those of a sentimental turn of mind may find Things I Know To Be True to be a heart-warming and reassuring story of family life as lived today – a familiar story of solidly working class parents struggling to make a better life for their children. Those of a more cynical bent might connect with the realisation that the ties that bind families together survive only at the expense of truth, honesty and ambition, through compromise, lies, personal suppression and sheer bloody-mindedness. Either of these approaches to the narrative delivers satisfying results: family is wonderful and awful at the same time in equal measure.”

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Neil Armfield Directs New Play at National Theatre London

Announced overnight, director Neil Armfield will travel to the National Theatre London in 2018 to take on David Hare’s new play I’M NOT RUNNING.

“I was thrilled to accept. It’s one of his best plays — smart, passionate, absolutely contemporary and funny”

I’M NOT RUNNING follows the world wide success of his production of CLOUDSTREET which played at The National in 1999 and 2001. Read more about Neil and the National Theatre season here.

Four Stars for The Go-Betweens: Right Here

THE GO BETWEENS: RIGHT HERE is released in cinemas today! Kriv Stenders directs a “thoughtful, engaging, enigmatic” documentary charting the band’s rise and fall.

The Sydney Morning Herald gives THE GO BETWEENS a glowing four star review:

“The film, and most of the others I mentioned, ought to be compulsory viewing for young bands – how not to screw the pooch – but maybe not. Everyone has to make their own mistakes.”

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Bright Star Hits Netflix

“Campion had been on a roll of casting popular A-list actors in her films (Holly Hunter in The Piano; Nicole Kidman in The Portrait of a Lady; Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke; Meg Ryan in In the Cut), but the casting of these two up-and-comers couldn’t have been more perfect”

Jane Campion’s dreamy Bright Star is now available on Netflix. Following Romantic poet John Keat’s final years and his romance with Fanny Brawne, Campion’s 2009 film cast young Ben Whishaw and Abby Cornish as the fated lovers. Stunningly shot by Greig Fraser, this is possibly one of Campion’s most underrated films.

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Doug Anthony All Stars Charm London

The Doug Anthony All Stars have returned to Australia, but their recent stint in the UK proceeds them:

“The iconoclastic musical act recently reunited and their London performance this weekend of their Edinburgh Fringe hit Near Death Experience was a potent reminder that form is temporary, class is permanent….The result was a gig that was funny, moving and profound. While older fans might recall those early shows, those present here will never forget their latest gig.”

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New Pizza: Stefano Manfredi’s guide to new wave pizza

Stefano Manfredi has been researching pizza for for many years, the result is his book NEW PIZZA.

Charting the new wave movement that re-imagines pizza making in a modern context, Manfredi notes “It’s a movement back to pizza’s origins, before industrial flour milling, while at the same time using modern advances in stone milling, machinery and oven technologies.”

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